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Please click on the logo's below to see my resumes and other websites.

Here are some news articles, press releases, online presence:


*" Support Independent Women Of Film", They selected to honor me on their page

*Two newspapers mentioned me in an article for a film I'm in, "Hidden Agenda"  and

*I get Celebrity Status woo hoo :)

* Featured on a German Website, mentioned me as a guest role on a tv show and my mention on The Glades

*Glades episode I'm in is mentioned on another website

*I am the Nationwide winner of the Tracfone Tv Commercial

*Check me out, mentioned in the tv show "Hit Women" on CyndiLand's Blog

*Who knew that other websites posted my videos and people rated on them?   Yayy for five and four stars!! and

*Pit Crew Productions "Pedestrian" I was in, gets accepted into film festivals

*Videos, photos, music of BABES from around the world. I'm a babe!! :)

*Hey you can even download for free some movies I was in apparently lol.

*Random Tags

*Photographer website posted photoshoot we did and said sweet words about me

*Wow, our home made video got posted on a prelude/Julie Andrews website

*Featured on a Polish website

*Featured on a Russian website  and

*Featured on a Romanian website

*Featured on a German website

*Featured again

*Featured overseas


*Japanese movie mentions me in their film

*Internet entertainment database has me featured


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