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     Growing up in small town, Avon Park, FL, initiated a spark within: Passion. All throughout her childhood, she loved to do anything creative: writing songs, singing, writing stories, voice over, and acting. Trying to fill her huge appetite, she taught Improv in her acting class in High School, as well as helped put on The Fall Extravaganza, where students in class could perform live in front of an audience whatever their creative mind desired: monologues, skits, plays, and singing. She also directed and filmed a short film (which she also acted in) that aired over the school's system all throughout the day. That fire within could not be extinguished. It was during that time, that her oldest brother encouraged her to go after her dreams, reach for the stars, and that no matter what others may say, to chase her dreams, as he knew she could accomplish anything she put her mind because of  that, she was inspired to pursue her love of the arts. 


     She headed off to college at UCF, where she got the honor of being put on the BFA in theater, Alternate list: they wanted her in the program, but there was too many students at the time; so she got her BA in theater instead and minored in Creative Writing, where she focused on Script Writing under Peter Telep, who saw her huge potential as a script writer. Ready to take on the next step in life, she attended and graduated Art's Sake Studio, an acting studio, studying under Yvonne Suhor. After graduating, she attended her first big audition for a popular Japanese show called, "World's Astonishing News", not expecting to land anything as a newbie. However, it was in the cards for her, and she landed one of the main roles. Since then, she has been in over 30 independent films and independent TV shows. One of them, Hidden Agenda, will be available on VOD and Blu-Ray for purchase, on Oct. 6, 2015, which the poster will be shown in Times Square on the billboard, throughout that day. She has also studied under the well known prestigious actor, Rus Blackwell, from the show, Banshee, as well as studied under other well known acting studios, Class Act Studios/Reel Foundations, and Art's Sake Studios, with Lauren O'Quinn, Landon Price, and Yvonne Suhor. She secured her first well known agency with BiCoastal, in 2011, and since then, has been signed with other well known agencies throughout Florida. Her work ethic can not be ignored, as she works tirelessly and is very driven and dedicated. One of her teachers compared her to Al Pacino in the sense of, saying that he doesn't just act, he loves to act, and you can see that in his acting. Others have also described Melissa as being very versatile with the characters she can play. Passion has and will continue to drive her, as well as her faith and love for God.


     She is thankful to God for all He’s blessed her with, every opportunity given to her, and the talents He’s blessed her with! She would also like to thank her family, friends, husband, her film families, and even people who have spoken to her, if only a moment, for their love, support, and encouraging words.

Melissa Goggans

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